Alan Lomax in Haiti

Various Artists

A unique boxed set containing 10 CDs and two books, chronicling Alan Lomax's 1936 Haitian recording expedition for the Library of Congress. Each volume showcases a specific style of music that Lomax encountered, each thoroughly discussed in the accompanying books: Gage Averill’s meticulously-researched liner notes, and Lomax's own field journal.


The Alan Lomax Estate and Harte Recordings are dedicated to supporting earthquake relief efforts in Haiti.

To aid in that effort, the price of the ALAN LOMAX IN HAITI boxset will be reduced for a limited time to $115, with $15 going directly to local disaster relief organizations in Haiti. Topspin, Hartešs partner in the on-line selling world, has also agreed to donate a portion of its net profit from box set sales as well. You can buy the box here:
Buy Haiti Box and Donate Today!

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Rainy Day Raga

Peter Walker

The quintessential psych-folk guitar player to come out of the '60s, Peter Walker was one of the first to take the Indian tradition of ragas and channel them through the guitar into a sound that is pure heaven. This album, never before reissued on CD or LP, is a beautiful moment in time.

The Roots of Hip Hop

Various Artists

Hip Hop did not develop in a vacuum -- its roots can be traced back to the earliest Afro-American music, and the folks who were influenced by these sounds along the way. This CD compiles some of the great recordings that showcase the spoken word and street culture put forth from the 1920´s through the 1960´s that would go on to influence the entire rap music genre.